20/12/09 Town Hall

This was the final tournament for Team Eclipse of 2009, everyone at Eclipse deserved to witness a display of winning talent at this tournament. Eclipse has already had one of its best years on the fighting circuit for a long time.

So all we needed was Paul to win his full contact title, Jason to keep his cool and fight with his head not just his fists, Jon to step up a gear and start to land some killer blows. If these 3 fighters could do this Eclipse would definatley be having an awesome christmas.

And guess what? All 3 done it, they all won and put on a great show. Well done you 3, but i just got to mention Dan Hall, you were amazing, speed and accuracy being your best 2 attributes as a fighter, concentrate on those 2 factors and you will become a great points fighter.

Also well done Harry Hodgetts, you stepped in last minute to fight a very very experienced fighter, but you held your own and put on a display to be proud of.

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