Gerry Wilson

4th dan black belt

Gerry started training on the 21-6-1989. His first lesson was at the Rifle Range Community Centre under the instruction of Dave Kane of the B.S.K.


His first grading was taken on the 18-11-1989, he gained a jump to a straight plain white belt.


His first competition was at Stourport High School where he fought his way to a 2nd place trophy. (A list of titles he has won can be found under the HISTORY tab on this site)


Started training under Masters instruction back in 1993 when Eclipse was otherwise known as British Freestyle Kickboxing, he was already a purple belt at this time as he had previously been training for 4 years at another club along with Master. But Master decided he would try to start his own club, so Gerry and his brother decided to support him.


Training was tough back then, even the mats on their own would knacker you out before training began. Thinking back to those early days the members of the club were 100% a team which has seemed to almost have stayed with the club right through to its present day.


Within a short space of time the club was reguarly having around 40+ people training each night, which unbelievably every single one of those would take part in the sparring session ( how things have changed! ). Tournaments used to be awesome there would reguarly be NOT 1 but 2 minibuses full of people from our club entering.


Gerry took his 1st Dan Black belt under Master Richard "Deadly Dicker" Hopkins at the W.U.M.A HQ in Cheltenham on 12-3-94.


His Blackbelt grades are:


W.U.M.A 1st DAN, 1994

B.F.K 1st DAN, 1994

B.F.K 2nd DAN, 1996

S.M.A.F 2nd DAN, 1996


W.U.M.A 3rd DAN, 2006


WSKA 4TH DAN, 2010

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