MASTER WILL JENNINGS 6th dan black belt

Will Jennings, Has Been Involved In Martial Arts For over 34yrs. He Has Practiced A Variety Of Styles, Including - Kung Fu, Karate, Ju-Jitsu, Street Defence, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Sankukai Karate, Kickboxing.

He has been teaching Martial Arts since 1993,
His first club name was called BFK British Freestyle Kickboxing/Karate,
In 2001 the name changed to Eclipse Martial Arts,

His Blackbelt Grades Include,
I.M.A. 1st DAN, 1991.
B.S.K. 1st DAN, 1991.
K.S.A. 1st DAN, 1991.
K.S.A. 2nd DAN, 1992.
B.S.K. 2nd DAN, 1992.
W.U.M.A. 2nd DAN, 1992.
W.U.M.A. 3rd DAN, 1996.
W.U.M.A. 4th DAN, 2001.
W.S.K.A. 5th DAN, June 2009.
W.U.M.A. 6th DAN March 2012.

He Is Also A Registered Member Of The W.U.M.A, World Board Of Blackbelts.

On 17/02/01 He Was Inducted Into The W.U.M.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, This Was Awarded For True Dedication To Martial Arts, By Master Richard "Deadly Dicker" Hopkins, Founder & Chief Instructor Of The World United Martial Arts Federation.
He Also Holds A MASTER Of Martial Arts Certificate Which He Recieved On 05/11/01.

will 2016
Will Jennings Flying Side Kick